Jobe Instore Identity



The leading edge

Derived from the Jobe star (right-side of the logo), which gets represented in the shape of an sharp angle in all package designs. The angles are either physically cut out or simulated in print depending on packaging type and contents.


  • Apparel hang tags
    • Version 1, without tech specs:
    • Black inside with brand story
    • (for example for a regular t-shirt)
    • Version 2, with tech specs:
    • Red inside with brand story and
    • black inserts with garment specific
    • technical info.
  • EVO packaging
    Most innovative high-tech line for wakeboarders
  • Packaging for target group overlapping items (boating and wakeboarding) for helmets, ropes, accessories …
  • Boating packaging
    Inflatable boats, cables, water ski accessories
  • Icon sets
  • Packaging guidelines book